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Holbein Watercolor

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Holbein Watercolor

Clipboard Cristal Andy Warhol

Printed with Andy Warhol 's famous 1960 image Flores, the set includes four square bowls that fit perfectly on a platform of coordination. They are perfect for large companies and serve snacks, appetizers or condiments at your next appointment. Andy Warhol plates from Crate and Barrel are already sold on the site. Use them inside or outside, but get quickly.

Very often seen as the crown prince of the avant-garde, Warhol's drawings shows clear drawing to sit in the center of his artistic life. He learned to draw from most scholars of his years at Carnegie Tech This ability has been developed during his stay in Madison Avenue to work as a commercial advertising as an illustrator. In Together, these two experiments led to a carefully crafted, clean, fast online who created the basic skeleton to which all the art of his art has been built. I can believe Warhol was all draftsman Ingres, Holbein, or even Picasso was, "said Thomas Sokolowski, Director of the Andy Warhol Museum.

With drawings of his commercial work in fashion and advertising during the 1950s, Andy Warhol's portraits also outlined of his close friends. Sometimes, he added gold leaf to a design to enhance the glamor and seduction of the image.

During the 1960s, Andy Warhol, in particular the period of 1962, when she began using photo-silkscreen paintings, drawings, Warhol had a sense experimental and exploratory. They combine elements of photography, collage, written instructions to study and work, and, occasionally, completed in pencil and colored pencil or watercolor. Please purchase online at www.etabletop.com

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